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As you might imagine, we in the Electric Automobile Association are keen to promote renewable energy sources. We present this page so you can keep an eye on the British weather and how the National Grid is using renewable energy to satisfy demand. These readings are essentially "live" and updated every 5 minutes thanks to GridWatch.co.uk.

The UK Demand dial shows the total current UK demand for electricity. This now includes solar power but does not include unmetered sources such as Small Generation wind power.

The Wind Power meter shows the power from Wind Farms and does not include unmetered wind turbines. There are currently over 6,500 wind turbines in wind farms.

The Solar Power dial displays an estimated figure which comes from Sheffield University. This value is now included in the total UK demand figure.

The Hydro meter shows Hydroelectric power from approximately 200 Hydroelectric stations in the UK. Most of these are situated in the Scottish and Welsh Mountain areas.

The Biomass meter displays power generated by burning Wood, Food Residues and straw.

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